What Makes You Say That?

Practice it.  What makes you say that?  It will only become routine if you practice it, and it takes two weeks for any new practice to become a habit, right? This is the principle on which the book Making Thinking Visible (Ron Ritchart, Mark Church, and Karin Morrison, 2011) is based.  As educators, we can […]

Swimming in the Deep End

I like to conduct topic debates with my students from time to time.  In environmental science, I have assigned topics like the pros and cons of labeling genetically modified foods, or the merits of various alternative fuels.  I assign students to teams before I assign the topic, and they sometimes protest they prefer the other […]

Students Don’t Like to Think, But Who Does?

A couple of years ago, I was leading an activity in one of my science classes.  I don’t remember what the activity was, but I recall asking my class a question which they seemed stumped by.  Then I said, “Well, think about it.”  One student called back, “We don’t like to think!”  It wasn’t funny […]