A Little Magic

Every so often, when the planets are aligned just so, it seems I begin new units of study in several of my classes at once.  It’s tricky because it means I have to think through each of those new units in terms of what I’ve done with the topics in past years, but through the […]

Sloppy Science

Do you ever get surprised by unintended lessons?  Sometimes those are the ones that are best remembered. I’ve been working with my three science classes on the Problem-based lesson I created this summer at the Eighth Floor.  It’s gone well, and students have progressed in their understanding of the Scientific Method as hoped.  We’re more than halfway through this […]

Stitching Lessons to Common Core

Is it true what they say? Does absence make the heart grow fonder? I’m not sure about all that. What I’m sure of is that during a three-week absence from posting, I’ve accumulated a lot of possible topics and am now faced with a dilemma. Should I reflect on the two books I just read—one […]

Scavenger Hunt

This is what my Saturdays are like: after the newspaper is read, the dogs are walked, and I’m showered and dressed, I sit down at my computer to begin the weekly scavenger hunt.  What am I looking for?  Interesting and informative lesson ideas or activities that address the class objectives I’ve outlined for the coming […]