How Big is Your Paycheck?

A key component of working with students for whom academic success is merely hypothetical is to encourage and support their identification of personal goals.  An activity I use with my classes to address this is called “How Big is Your Paycheck?”  Students are asked to identify career goals and then calculate how much education they’ll […]

Cheaters Never Prosper . . . Or Learn Much

A recent article in our local paper detailed an experiment with online essay mills.   Duke University professor Dan Ariely provided four mills a bogus essay assignment and payment.  Some of the essays he received in return included completely incomprehensible text; two were heavily plagiarized.  Ironically, the writing quality in each of them was awful.  Cheaters never prosper, or […]

Reflections of a third career teacher and a lifelong learner . . .

I am fairly new to teaching–I just finished my sixth year of teaching community college Freshman Composition classes and my fifth year as a high school science and English teacher.  What I am not new to is learning.  I think I’ve always loved learning more than anything else in life.  That’s why I’m a voracious reader […]