Need a Digital Passport?

My project this week has been to design a Digital Citizenship class to kick off our district’s one-to-one initiative next week. We don’t yet know when the laptops will be ready for assigning, but we’ll be ready when they are. I decided to create the presentation in Prezi, which I feel much more comfortable with […]

Give Me a Break!

Hard to believe another academic year is half over, and another calendar year is ending! This break between semesters and years is both welcome and necessary. I’ll be teaching new classes this next semester, and it’s crucial to have time to wind down and then get geared up for the new courses. Technically, I’ve taught […]

My Life With the Natives

From August to May, I spend my days with absolute natives, and these natives can get mighty restless!  These are not uncivilized natives, mind you; my students are digital natives.  Their restlessness has less to do with technology than hormones, but they sometimes get frustrated by technology-poor classes.  As a digital immigrant, I perceive the […]