An Unsettling Situation

It’s much more common than I would like it to be: an ESL student in my Freshman Composition class works hard, comes to every class session, scribbles assiduously during my lectures (poor dear), turns in every assignment, but hovers near the failing mark.  Unfortunately for too many of them, their writing just makes very little […]

The Reality of Small Changes: Improving Happiness and Stress Levels through Healthy Food, Consistent Exercise and Sufficient Sleep

Originally posted on musclesndmascara:
My English professor, Janice Airhart author of our class to write an essay regarding some aspect of happiness. Here is my story and personal success to achieve happiness. I hope you enjoy my research. For me, the trifecta of sleep, good food and exercise has allowed me to achieve the…

A 36-Pound Motivator

I’m a big believer in internal motivations—if I don’t care whether I succeed in a task or not, it won’t matter to me how many other people think it’s important.  This lack of internal motivation frustrates me when my biology class nods off during very colorful and creative SmartBoard demonstrations of a double-gene cross on […]