An Unsettling Situation

It’s much more common than I would like it to be: an ESL student in my Freshman Composition class works hard, comes to every class session, scribbles assiduously during my lectures (poor dear), turns in every assignment, but hovers near the failing mark.  Unfortunately for too many of them, their writing just makes very little […]

Assignment: Substitute

I’ve got a puzzle for you: Who’s paid barely enough to keep her cable TV from getting disconnected, required to be available on a moment’s notice, sometimes rudely disrespected on the job, and receives no employee benefits whatsoever? Did you guess a substitute teacher? With the coveted job perks I just mentioned, you’d have to be […]

Career Expedition

One of the greatest rewards of teaching is to know that former students are employed in fields that bring them enjoyment and the knowledge that they’re contributing to their family’s success. That’s why I’ve helped coordinate annual Career Days at my school for the past five or six years. Youth are often overwhelmed with the career […]