I’m a former medical technologist, research scientist, writer, and editor.  For the past  eight years I’ve taught Freshman Composition at the local community college and for the past seven, I’ve taught pregnant and parenting teens at the Margaret Hudson Program in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Currently, in addition to continuing at the community college, I teach all science courses (four!), junior English, Newspaper/Yearbook, and Creative Writing.  I also just recently took on a part-time gig teaching technology classes at the Eighth Floor Technology Center for educators.

Science, technology, and language arts classes might seem like odd bedfellows, but they represent my deepest interests.  I got turned on to science as a youngster when my father (a chemist) gave me a chemistry set for Christmas.  At the same time, I learned early to appreciate the printed word.  My mother was at one time a journalist, an amateur playwright, and an avid reader–passions I must have absorded in utero.  I’ve written several books (one published) and still read four or five books a month.

My first job was as a clerk in a hospital laboratory, where my brother-in-law worked as a medical technologist.  I was a senior in high school and had no career goals, but I was fascinated with the goings-on in the lab and eventually entered college and graduated with a degree in biology/medical technology.  And so began my weirdly circuitous career path.  Considering the early influences of family members on my interests and careers, one wonders where I’d be today if there had been carpenters, hairdressers, or attorneys in the family.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Janice-
    I would like to thank you for crediting my “Gravity” quote on your blog. I especially like that it was embedded in the post about Marble Mania! It sounds like a great class project. So often the quote is credited to “Anonymous” or “Some bumper sticker.”
    If you would like a Gravity poster for your classroom (as long as you’re in the US; overseas postage has gotten expensive) please let me know and one free Gravity Poster will be on its way.
    Best regards,
    Gerry Mooney

    • Gerry, thanks so much for your generous offer! I would love to have your poster for my classroom. I first saw it in a Tulsa restaurant that my husband and I frequented, and have never forgotten it–alas, the restaurant is not there anymore. I don’t know what happened to the poster 🙂 I’ll contact you via email with my school address.

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